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The complete mentoring program consists of 8 sessions (or more if needed), partitioned in a month or two. Each session covers specific subjects that you need to know about, in order to ensure you have all of the necessary information and resources (each session is an hour long). This program presents the retail arbitrage model of reselling, which is buying products locally or from retail websites and reselling them on Amazon. The quickest, easiest and safest way to learn the game. 


Session 1 – Basic FBA elements & requirements: An introduction to Amazon FBA and reselling essentials to get you started. We make your account (if you don’t have one yet) and get you all the necessary tools. 

Session 2 – Products sourcing & buying process: I show you some products that you can buy and resell on Amazon (literally). You’ll understand how to make a buying decision when sourcing for inventory. 

Session 3 – Prepping activities & products listing: Learn the prepping requirements before sending your stuff to an Amazon warehouse and all related seller central activities (you have products at hand then).

Session 4 – Inventory packing & shipment dispatching: Ship all of your inventory to Amazon, we go through all the steps together and we make sure that your first shipment lands safely. Learn how to export to the US and all customs related documents.

Session 6 – Seller central operations: An apprehension of the Amazon selling platform, which is required for your long term viability. It explains but is not limited to: reports, inventory management, returns, reimbursements, repricing, etc. All of that boring stuff. 

Session 7 – Account health & performance: In order to continually sell on Amazon, you need to follow their terms and conditions, and maintain a healthy account. Such things as your order defect rate, seller feedback, A-to-Z claims, etc. 

Session 8 – Scaling & expanding: Now that you have all of the basics covered, we cover larger and more scalable methods of selling on Amazon like Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, etc. Only now that you have all the necessary resources.

What took me months to learn by myself (with mistakes and wrong investments), you learned it in 8 sessions. And with all that knowledge you can take on greater challenges, or create your own product on Amazon; you’re fully equipped and ready for any project.


Keep note that I only explained the relevant subjects in the aforementioned sessions above. We will cover way more material than that, eventually. During our calls, a lot of time is dedicated to answering questions or explaining a specific issue related to your account, therefore the exact order shown above is not guaranteed. I also offer a shorter mentoring plan (6 sessions) for those who want to start with a limited budget, or for those who already have some knowledge and experience with Amazon.


Schedule and Pricing 

I am currently accepting applications for the month of May and June. Please note that places are limited and that I work on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you act too late, you will have to wait.

The price of the Complete Mentoring Program is $799 for the 8 session plan and $649 for 6 sessions. Payment plans are available – please email for more information (or simply DM me).

All prices are in Canadian dollars.