Complete Mentoring Program

Training outline



The consultings will consist of 1-on-1 remote online classes and a step-by-step plan to cover all relevant subjects. It involves 10 to 15 classes (1 hour each class) during a 1-2 months period, depending on our speed. Assignments may also be given between some classes.

Outline of the mentoring program:

Subject 1 – Getting started: A basic introduction to Amazon FBA and the different reselling models. An overview of the entire course and timeline. We create your account and get you aquainted with the different tools and apps.

Subject 2 – Buying inventory: The process of sourcing the products to resell. We don’t waste any time. In this class we’re already looking for your first products to flip. You’ll learn most importantly how to make a buying decision.

Subject 3 – Seller central: An apprehension of the Amazon selling platform. Understanding that platform is required for your long term viability. You’ll need to learn how to manage different data and reports about your business.

Subject 4 – Inventory managing: After buying some products for your first shipment, we look at the different conditions and requirements before sending them. You’ll be prepping your products and listing them on Seller Central.

Subject 5 – Shipment dispatching: We ship your first box to Amazon by going through all the steps together to make sure your shipment lands safely. Labeling of your products and shipment, managing your pickups, etc.

Subject 6 – Sourcing tools: Now that your shipment is sent, the rest is the boring, theoretical info. Actually, the most important stuff starts here. Optimatizing your sourcing skills with different tools and hacks, accounting tips and more.

Subject 7 – Account health: The most underated subject, also the principal key for your long term success. In order to continually sell on Amazon, you need to maintain a healthy account. Things like seller feedback, claims, defect rate and other factors.

Subject 8 – Wholesale part 1: Now that all of the basics are covered, you’ll be introduced to the wholesale model. We’ll work on expanding your inventory and general Amazon skills with new reselling practices.

Subject 9 – Wholesale part 2: Different methods to find suppliers like online searching, softwares, leaf sourcing, etc. Contacting suppliers & manufacturers, creating your Wholesale Leads Sheet and contacting your suppliers.

Subject 10 – Wholesale part 3: More in-depth training & tips on sourcing wholesalers, using softwares and tools to scan price lists. Purchasing the right products, placing orders, negociating with suppliers and dealing with prep centers.

Each subject may take more than one session (hour), therefore the number of classes is never determined in advance. It will depend on your level of knowledge.

Schedule and Pricing

Applications are currently accepted. Please note that places are limited and I’m only taking a small number of students per month. I also work on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The price of the Complete Mentoring Program starts from $1200 to $2000, depending on the level of supervision required. I also offer shorter mentoring plans: we’ll sacrifice a subject or two, skip the wholesale part or simply because you have a limited budget. The level of supervision will naturally decrease however. The shorter training starts at $1000 for around 8 sessions.

Payment plans are available – please email for more information or simply DM me.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Payments by PayPal or Electric Funds Transfer (interac).