4 sessions – continued training

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4 sessions for the price of 3 partitioned in a month or more. We go in depth with each important subject, more detailed instructions and constant supervision. By tracking and insuring your progress throughout the month, you’ll earn your money back, make profit and add more products to your inventory 💰

Each session will cover one subject and will be in strategical order every week.

Week 1:

Amazon FBA basics and reselling essentials, an overview of everything you need to know before entering your Amazon adventure. We make your account, get you some products and then you can start shipping.

Week 2:

Sales rank knowledge and Keepa handling – Understand how to determine if a product sells enough before making a buying decision and how Keepa works (the related software).

Week 3:

Prepping activities and shipments handling. Learn the process of preparing your products before sending them to an Amazon warehouse, we’ll ship your first box together and activate your listings.

Week 4:

A last update about everything we covered so far and overall progress supervision. We also cover things like repricing your inventory, returns management, account health, accounting, etc.